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 34' 30' Giant Dolmen @ westport festival 23/24th june

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PostSubject: 34' 30' Giant Dolmen @ westport festival 23/24th june   Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:01 am

Hey y'all,

We're building a huge Dolmen at the Westport Festival (westportfestival.com) this weekend (approx. audience 15, 000) - its 34' tall, its surface is made of white shade cloth, so it is the perfect screen/object onto which large scale projection/visuals can be displayed. Its big but geometrically simple, so would be very suitable for mapping

Therefore, we're hoping to find a VJ/video artist who can join us at this festival and make the maximum use of such a backdrop.
Projections would be required for approximately 3 hours per night for saturday/sunday nights, and ideally, we'd like to test the setup on friday night.
We can provide a free ticket to the festival as well as cover travel expenses to and from the festival.

Please call me for further info if you are interested: 086-2180207

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34' 30' Giant Dolmen @ westport festival 23/24th june
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